Record Pace of Polarity

Record Pace of Polarity

Night- It’s much easier for you and not so much for me to be truthful.

Day-Yes, but it’s not all easy for me to put up with your lies.

Night-Then shall we part as friends?

Day-Yes, I see no other way to reach proper justice between us.

The night fades away as the light of the sun creeps into the new day giving off her furious glistening rays to every heart.

Source: Substandard



Fin: Every morning you were here then suddenly you vanished. Where did you go?

Sagi: If you were kind I would have stayed but you weren’t. You were cruel and vindictive so I decided to leave.

Fin: My love for you is still strong and I never meant to hurt you. I’ve been foolish please don’t go.

Sagi: Listen. This life between us is simply a failed domain. There is nothing more to give or to say but to travel as far away from your treacherous misery.

FinFine…Good-bye then to you, my dear old friend.

Sagi: Goodbye to you my dear old sweet lover.

Fin: Wait …wait! Where can I find you again if ever I want to see you?

Sagi: You can find me near the scales of Justice swinging around the Wheel of fortune.



Tender Obsession

Tender Obsession

We wait by the moonlight wanting more.

My throat is pure and your heart aches with passion.

How long will we put off the inevitable?

Yet, I seized on your essence as your soul unites with mine.

In that dark night, our souls entangled in sweet tender love divine.

Source: Tender




Best Is Last

Best Is Last

Energy, pure energy of the heart casts into its lot.

Each moment begs for its place in the abyss of our passion.

We wonder there together in the wind taking our place among kings.

Our throne is grace and are movements are in space.

Yet, in our fury sessions pass as we drip with sweet love. ©




You felt me close but then pulled away.

Why must we live in a fury of escape?

Our journey together has ended yet, I await another now…

My soul flickers for this new love that whispers to me sweet nothings.

I’m one with love as our additional fate glimmers in the dark faded into a miserable memory.

Excercising Love Out Loud

Excercising Love Out Loud

It was your intense embrace that carried me from that sensational dream.

Every moment with you ignites the flame of desire within. With eagerness, of heart, my spirit longs for you.

Casting shadows of our love is a very just cause as your very soul captivates my intrigue with delight.

In the stillness of the day, we unite in a blissful existence under the stars in a never ending gaze of connectivity.

Seasons past but out love remains. Our Hearts beat as one and its spectacle is our creative glory.




Using Meditation for Mind-Blowing Sex

Using Meditation for Mind-Blowing Sex

Emily Fletcher is one of the world’s leading experts in Vedic Meditation and the founder of Ziva Meditation offering live courses to all levels of meditators in NYC and LA. She is also the creator of zivaMIND the world’s first online meditation training.

In the video below she explores the beneficial aspects of meditation as a prerequisite to achieving mind blowing sex.

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