Fin: Every morning you were here then suddenly you vanished. Where did you go?

Sagi: If you were kind I would have stayed but you weren’t. You were cruel and vindictive so I decided to leave.

Fin: My love for you is still strong and I never meant to hurt you. I’ve been foolish please don’t go.

Sagi: Listen. This life between us is simply a failed domain. There is nothing more to give or to say but to travel as far away from your treacherous misery.

FinFine…Good-bye then to you, my dear old friend.

Sagi: Goodbye to you my dear old sweet lover.

Fin: Wait …wait! Where can I find you again if ever I want to see you?

Sagi: You can find me near the scales of Justice swinging around the Wheel of fortune.



Her Doors

Her Doors

Lady_Her DoorsII (2)A bustling bar on the streets of a quiet city road continues to entertain a fiery mix of men.Laughter and cheers erupt for within the bar as happy hour ensues. Suddenly, a woman enters through the still double doors of the bar.The busy chatter within suddenly dwindles.The motion of the ideal brisk past their senses. As she passes by swiftly the trouble of the storm within her flesh causes her to shiver with delight.

A continuous burning desire stirs within her, quenching her self-control as she confidently maintains her fearless posture. With a seductress sway she carries unimaginable beauty. Her body yearns for pleasure.Quickly, she notices her popularity, a room full of wanting stares gaze upon her as she gracefully walks by her potential prey. A conquers muse, she smirks at her imposing victims.

Her cold dark heart simmers as she contemplates her next move. Embracing a more sensible temperament she grasps at possessing the appearance of humility, she slowly takes a seat in the bar appearing to be content. Her lovely scent left drifting in the air, she remains breathing still and calm. Quickly, her eyes become fixed on her surroundings as a selective stares casts discomfort with those her gaze lands upon.

No one knows her quality.If at best many think of her as a sensational sexual masterpiece. She thinks herself to be more than a woman.The attention brings her a feeling of accomplishment.She watches from afar and waits.Only a matter of time, she whispers, Bees always flock to honey.




I saw you naked. You called me to sit by you on the bed. As we sat together you told me everything,about them, about you. I listened with intensity. In the midst of us, I wondered what I do after you told me everything of you. After all, I tenderly reached for your body, embracing you into my arms.Existing as one in time we held each other closer. As we began to pull away from each other’s grasp my curiosity peaked.I gazed into your eyes.


My clothing still clung to my skin.You were so exposed and I was so covered up. With a faint whisper I said, “wait.” In the silence, I slowly stood up. I began to cautiously peel off my clothes. You watched intently with delight.Your smile at my exposure comforted my soul.Gradually,revealing my naked skin, I told you my story.You listened intensely.I told you all, about them, about me. As my tongue stilled, silence returned between us.


Anxiously, my heart pounded with anticipation of your response.Reaching for my body you softly told me, everything would be alright. Tears streaming from my face to the floor, I sat back down on the bed next to you and said, If love could last I want that love to be with you.You leaned in closer to me and whispered in my ear, “Our love will last.” I smiled. With your loving hands you carefully wiped away the streaming tears from my eyes.Touching your skin I asked nervously,“Now what do we do?” Taking my hand, you said confidently smiling,“We live.”