Fin: Every morning you were here then suddenly you vanished. Where did you go? Sagi: If you were kind I would have stayed but you weren’t. You were cruel and vindictive so I decided to leave. Fin: My love for you is still strong and I never meant to hurt you. I’ve been foolish please … More Spent

Her Doors

A bustling bar on the streets of a quiet city road continues to entertain a fiery mix of men.Laughter and cheers erupt for within the bar as happy hour ensues. Suddenly, a woman enters through the still double doors of the bar.The busy chatter within suddenly dwindles.The motion of the ideal brisk past their senses. … More Her Doors


  I saw you naked. You called me to sit by you on the bed. As we sat together you told me everything,about them, about you. I listened with intensity. In the midst of us, I wondered what I do after you told me everything of you. After all, I tenderly reached for your body, … More Naked