Finite Pleasures

A closed door can be an opening for new glorious opportunities. We Broke Up in light of the day and it brought a huge smile on my face even though my heart throbbed with pain. The smile was because I knew the worst was over and now I could begin again. Our mutual response brought peace to … More Finite Pleasures

Anticipate Delight

Night of Shadows It wasn’t you was it that called me in the dark that night and took me for a fool? Every moment we shared was fake an illusion of the mind that merely offered a brutal commencement of manipulation. You raped my mind of fantasy and caused my heart to dim cold. No, your power … More Anticipate Delight


Going and coming with fierce occasions yet, the fire of creativity beckons me to return to stability…


Fin: Every morning you were here then suddenly you vanished. Where did you go? Sagi: If you were kind I would have stayed but you weren’t. You were cruel and vindictive so I decided to leave. Fin: My love for you is still strong and I never meant to hurt you. I’ve been foolish please … More Spent