Anticipate Delight

Night of Shadows It wasn’t you was it that called me in the dark that night and took me for a fool? Every moment we shared was fake an illusion of the mind that merely offered a brutal commencement of manipulation. You raped my mind of fantasy and caused my heart to dim cold. No, your power … More Anticipate Delight

Tender Obsession

We wait by the moonlight wanting more. My throat is pure and your heart aches with passion. How long will we put off the inevitable? Yet, I seized on your essence as your soul unites with mine. In that dark night, our souls entangled in sweet tender love divine. Source: Tender      

Best Is Last

Energy, pure energy of the heart casts into its lot. Each moment begs for its place in the abyss of our passion. We wonder there together in the wind taking our place among kings. Our throne is grace and are movements are in space. Yet, in our fury sessions pass as we drip with sweet love. … More Best Is Last


You felt me close but then pulled away. Why must we live in a fury of escape? Our journey together has ended yet, I await another now… My soul flickers for this new love that whispers to me sweet nothings. I’m one with love as our additional fate glimmers in the dark faded into a miserable … More Desguise