Anticipate Delight

Night of Shadows

It wasn’t you was it that called me in the dark that night and took me for a fool?

Every moment we shared was fake an illusion of the mind that merely offered a brutal commencement of manipulation.

You raped my mind of fantasy and caused my heart to dim cold. No, your power was fierce but not as fierce as mine.

Justice served you the right to continue on out of my sight, at least for now. My heart is jolly without the pain of living in bed with your lingering list of lies.


Days dwindle in delight for me now as I dream of my sunshine. Thoughts flourish with the memory of your scent.

Your touch is gentle and your words are sweet, my heart longs for you daily.

Yet, now we are together and it seems so divine. My sorrow has been lifted and my soul is on fire. The purity of your genuine heart beats in harmony with mine, True Love.

Love offers well-refined nourishment. My cause for self-love is my healer.

Justice prevails for you and I the wounded souls traveling back from the dark.

Source: Anticipate


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